Iran Needs No Foreign Permission to Provide Security: Defense Minister

Iran Needs No Foreign Permission to Provide Security: Defense Minister
Sun Aug 30, 2015 17:05:43

Iranian Defense Minister Brigadier General Hossein Dehqan said the Islamic Republic does not require any permission from outsiders to ensure security for its people.

“The Iranian nation does not need permission from any (foreign) authority to provide its own security,” Brigadier General Dehqan said in a speech on Sunday.

The Islamic Republic pursues what it deems necessary to boost its power and strength with firm determination, he added.

The top commander also pointed to the nuclear agreement recently reached between Iran and six world powers, saying that the deal was a great achievement that came as a result of the Iranian nation’s resistance under the guidance of the Supreme Leader and the efforts made by the country’s negotiations.

He further said that the deal does not cross any of the country’s red lines.

While Iran and the six world powers finalized the text of a lasting agreement on Tehran’s nuclear program on July 14, Iranian officials have time and again noted that the country’s military capabilities would not be affected by the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action or a resolution that the United Nations Security Council passed later to endorse the JCPOA.

President Hassan Rouhani gave an assurance in early August that the 159-page nuclear deal would not put any restrictions on the country’s defense capabilities or undermine its national security.

“The implementation of this deal (JCPOA) and this resolution (UNSC Resolution 2231) not only would not cause any problem for (Iran’s) defense power and national security, but the arms embargos (against Iran) have turned into limitations in the very same resolution,” he stressed.

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