Mogherini, Zarif Hold Press Conference in Tehran

Tue Jul 28, 2015 18:40:00

EU foreign policy chief has told a press conference in Tehran EU wants that nuclear deal with Iran be ‘historic’ not in its signing but also in its implementation as well, Al-Alam News Network reports.


Federica Mogherini and her aid Helga Schmid are in an official visit to Iran to coordinate and help the implementation of JCPOA as Ms. Mogherini said about her visit to Iran.

She and Mohammad Javad Zarif of Iran held a brief press conference on Tuesday here in Tehran. Zarif welcomed Ms. Mogherini for her visit to Iran; “we have had extensive ties with the EU, but with the ‘unnecessary crisis’ with the EU/EU+3, we had entered to months of negotiation with them in the framework of the 5+1; we had good discussions on JCPOA implementation as well as on EU and Iran relations with Ms. Mogherini,” Zarif told the press conference. 

“We agreed to implement mutual actions provisioned within the JCPOA by the next two months; the EU has already commenced the process by approving in the EU parliament of JCPOA; we hope that all sides including the US remain committed to their relevant action which should be done in this framework,” he added, “we have been focused merely on nuclear issue; in the past, we had a series of talks called critical dialogue; now, today, we agreed to start new mode of talks, which is the high-level talks in the ministerial level which would cover different fields of cooperation with the EU, and which will include energy, business and trade, human rights, narcotics, etc., where we will cooperate with the EU.”

“We also agreed to include regional crisis which are grave threat not only to the region, but for the EU as well. The crisis now hit the borders of Europe. Thus, I think that we will take action to promote cooperation in the fields I just mentioned. I again, thank Ms. Mogherini for her constructive role in bringing the nuclear negotiations and her colleague and aid Ms. Schmid,” Zarif concluded address.

Federica Mogherini expressed gratitude for Zarif; “I believe your resolution and the Iranian committed negotiators helped greatly with the negotiation process; we want for this deal to be historic, not in its signing but in its implementation as well. At least in four different areas, the deal and its results would help your country, especially investments. You have large number of youth population and investments would largely help economic growth and development,” she said.

“I stress your points here again; EU and Islamic Republic of Iran are close geographically and historically, and culturally as well; both are cradles of civilizations. We have both legacy and are committed to our legacies; the EU countries have, by unanimity, endorsed the deal which will be implemented in two stages; I am sure that we will implement the commitments based on mutual respect. I think it is important for me to mention that when sanctions lifted, you will attract special trade attentions mainly from European and Mediterranean regions; this will open a new chapter; this deal will open a framework for the region as well. I believe this will be the most relevant framework which will be based on friendship than based on confrontation. The EU has done its quota in defending some regional frameworks. I believe this is important for international community to improve prospects for intentional cooperation,” she said. 

The first question came by Iran’s state news agency IRNA correspondent who asked Ms. Mogherini about her assessment of prospects of trade between Iran and the EU with regard to signing of the nuclear deal, and in trades, what sort of facilities would be provided by the EU for tradesmen.

“This is something for the EU to accompany the trade to improve European presence here, but in the first state, it will be a political dialogue; second, I think the best way is to ensure that the implantation of the deal is in time and well. It is the best possible way for the EU to accompany trade presence in Iran. With my personal duty, I think that I should work to first have the nuclear deal in the best manner as possible,” Mogherini told the press. 

The second and last question was asked by Lyse Doucet, BBC’s chief international correspondent who asked Ms. Mogherini how she would ensure that Iran will remain committed to the deal, and that she had been in Saudi Arabia the day before, how the visit would affect her present visit to Tehran; “yes, I have been to the Saudi Arabia. I discussed with Iranian officials and Mr. Zarif; in the meeting in Saudi Arabia, I tried to pass the message to the world that this agreement is going to improve security of the region in the first stance; this is a solid deal; this gives us to build on it for more improved relations and for a different future; we know that how the region has gone very badly and needs diplomacy. This is a diplomacy by the EU and this is not a zero-sum game; I believe this is a very solid deal the region and the world would benefit from,” Ms. Mogherini told the press.

Mr. Zarif provided an epilogue of the press conference: “The Islamic Republic of Iran has complied with the implementation of the JPA agreed in Geneva during recent few months; our nations is concerned about the precise implantation of the deal by the west; they expect the west to compensate for their past deeds and restrictions on Iranian people,” he said, and adjourned the press conference to visit President Rouhani immediately after the press conference.

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