Iran Islamic Body Urges High Turnout in Quds Day Rallies

Iran Islamic Body Urges High Turnout in Quds Day Rallies
Thu Jul 9, 2015 16:20:13

Islamic Culture and Relations Organization in a statement urged the 'great Iranian nation' to massively participate in the International Quds Day rallies which are to be held nationwide, IRNA reports.

The statement refers to Quds Day as 'the late Imam Khomeini's souvenir.'

The late Imam Khomeini named the last Friday of the holy fasting month of Ramadan as International Quds Day aiming to liberate the Holy Quds from the occupation of the Zionist regime.

The enemies, since years ago, have been trying to separate the Muslims and prevent the Islamic nations from achieving great victories, the statement stressed.

The entire developments in the region prove the fact that Palestine is still the topmost important issue for the Islamic world, said the statement.

The statement further calls on the nation to have high turnout in the Quds Day rallies, describing such massive participation as a torch that can illuminate the path for other Muslims around the world.

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