MP: Quds Day Harbinger of All Oppressed People's Liberation

MP: Quds Day Harbinger of All Oppressed People's Liberation
Thu Jul 9, 2015 15:52:41

Assyrian member of the Iranian Parliament said on Thursday that International Quds Day is the harbinger for the liberation of the oppressed people all over the world, IRNA reports.

Talking to IRANA, Yonathan Betkolia said that the International Quds Day does not belong to a specified nation, but to all freedom-seeking people.

Christians, shoulder to shoulder and along with the Muslims, will attend the nationwide International Quds Day rallies in Iran, he said.

They (Christians), he said, will also shout "Death to Israel," on that day.

Today, he added, not only the Islamic Iran but also all Muslim and non-Muslim nations are to make the Zionist regime disappointed by massive turnout in the Quds Day rallies.

Referring to Imam Khomeini's remarks about the importance of Quds Day, Betkolia said that people from all walks of life will take part in the Quds Day rallies to make the illegitimate Zionist regime give in.

The message of the Quds Day rallies is to broadly declare that the Palestinians are not alone, said the parliamentarian.

Betkolia at the end described the Quds Day as the day of liberation of humanity from the Zionism and the hegemony of the global arrogance.

Imam Khomeini named the last Friday of the holy fasting month of Ramadan as International Quds Day.

In past 36 years since the 1979 Islamic Revolution, people in Iran and most Islamic countries, and even the non-Muslim nations, massively attended the annual rallies to show support for the oppressed Palestinians.

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