Ansarullah: No Preconditions for Resuming Peace Talks

Ansarullah: No Preconditions for Resuming Peace Talks
Fri Jun 5, 2015 17:57:13

Spokesman of Yemen's Ansarullah Movement Zeifollah al-Shami rejected the conditions set by fugitive Yemeni President Mansur Hadi for the resumption of peace talks.

Al-Shami's remarks came in reaction to the recent statements of Hadi who proposed new conditions for peace talks in Yemen.

"This movement will take part in the (upcoming) Geneva peace talks without any preconditions," Al-Shami said on Thursday.

In relevant remarks in April, a senior member of Ansarullah also rejected the Hadi's conditions for peace talks.

"No one from the camp of the fugitive and ousted Yemeni president (Manour Hadi) can set conditions for resumption of talks," Anatolian news agency quoted Al-Bokhaiti as saying at the time.

He called on all Yemeni political groups to return to the negotiating table and continue their talks under the auspices of the United Nations.

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