First Video of French Hostage in Yemen Released

Mon Jun 1, 2015 19:07:36

Isabelle Prime, a French citizen abducted by gunmen in Sanaa, Yemen, in February, pleaded for a return to France in a video released Monday.

Speaking in English and directing her remarks to French President Francois Hollande and exiled Yemeni President Abd Rabbu Mansour Hadi, Prime, 30, said in the brief footage, "Mr Hollande and Mr Hadi, my name is Isabelle, I've been kidnapped 10 weeks ago in Yemen, in Sanaa. Please bring me to France fast because I'm really, really tired. I tried to kill myself several times because I know you will not cooperate and I totally understand."

The French government has said it is working for her release. Her captors have not been identified.

Prime worked in Sanaa for the consultancy firm Social Fund for Development Yemen, which has ties to the World Bank, when she and her translator, Sheren Makkaoui, were captured as they drove to work on Feb. 24. Makkaoui was freed March10.

Yemeni tribesmen related to Al- Qaeda have kidnapped foreigners in recent months, holding them hostage until the government either provided services or released jailed family members.