100 Tons of Medicine,On Board of Iran's Aid Ship to Yemen / Video

Wed May 13, 2015 16:06:59

The Iranian Red Crescent Society (IRCS) sent a ship loaded with pharmaceuticals and medical equipment to Yemen on Wednesday.

"A ship carrying a 12-member medical team from Iran as well as over 100 tons of the country's aid comprising medicine and medical equipment was dispatched to Yemen on Wednesday morning," IRCS Deputy Managing Director Seyed Reza Rais Karami told reporters on Wednesday.

The IRCS has been trying to dispatch humanitarian aid to Yemen through sea and air, but has so far been unable to do so due to Saudi Arabia's blockade of the war-ravaged country.

Before sending aids through sea, Saudi jet fighters bombed the Sana'a airport control tower and runway seven times to prevent the Iranian defying pilot from landing.

The Iranian civilian plane was carrying humanitarian aids, including medical equipment, for the Yemeni people who have been under the Saudi-led airstrikes for over a month now.

Iran had earlier sent five consignments of humanitarian aid to Yemen, including a total of 69 tons of relief, medical, treatment, and consumer items.

Mohammadi Araqi described the Yemeni people's conditions as critical, and said, "We are in contact with Yemen's Red Crescent Society and Health Ministry and have included their needs in the new consignment."

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