Watch First Footage of Downed Morocco’s FighterJet in Yemen

Mon May 11, 2015 17:51:32

Al-Masirah TV broadcast first footage of Yemeni F-16 fighter jets which were bombing people of Yemen in frame work of Saudi led coalition and downed by Yemeni tribe’s fighter in Saada.

Morocco's military on Monday said it was investigating what happened to one of its F-16 jets that disappeared while taking part in the Saudi-led air campaign. This jet was bombing Yemen.

In a statement carried by the state media, the military said the jet was last seen Sunday evening and that a pilot from another jet in the same squadron did not see the pilot eject.

Al-Masirah channel has broadcasted a video showing the downed Moroccan jet that was participating in Saudi-led coalition airstrikes against the people of Yemen.

According footage the F-16 jet was struck as it was flying over the Saada. It aired footage of tribesmen celebrating around the wreckage of a plane and showing a piece with the Royal Moroccan Air Forces.

The TV network reported that the "air defense of the tribes shot down a war plane over Wadi Nushur", a valley in the Saada province.

The Saudi-led coalition is conducting aerial bombings against several positions in Saada after declaring the whole province a military target.

According to the state-run Maghreb Arab Press (MAP), another pilot serving in the same squadron did not see the pilot of the missing jet ejecting. An investigation was under way to find the vanished jet.

Houthi revolutionaries have agreed to a five-day humanitarian ceasefire proposed by Saudi Arabia but said they would respond to any violations.