'My Son is a Dog, an Animal': Father of Jihadi John Says his Son can Go 'to Hell'

'My Son is a Dog, an Animal': Father of Jihadi John Says his Son can Go 'to Hell'
Tue Mar 3, 2015 20:58:01

Jassem Emwazi told his son he hoped he would die when he begged for forgiveness as he prepared to join ISIS.

The father of Mohammed Emwazi described his son as a "dog, an animal and a terrorist" and revealed he begged his parents for forgiveness before joining Isis and becoming Jihadi John, the Daily Telegraph can disclose.

Jaseem Emwazi blasted his killer son Mohammed - who was last week revealed as the notorious ISIS executioner - and said: 'To hell with my son'.

In an phone call to a colleague yesterday, Jaseem is said to have broken down in tears and confessed he was 'ashamed' of his son.

But instead of forgiving him, Jassem Emwazi, 51, told his son that he hoped he would be killed after he said he was going to Syria “for jihad” in 2013.

Mr Emwazi's views on his son were made plain in an emotional phone call he made to a colleague to explain his absence from his job as a storekeeper in Cooperative supermarket depot in an isolated rural area around 12 miles from Kuwait's border with Iraq.

The colleague, Abu Meshaal, 40, said Mr Emwazi was in tears during Monday's conversation, in which he described the identification of his son as the hooded executioner filmed beheading seven British, American and Japanese hostages as a "catastrophe" for his family.



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