ISIS Executes Dozens of Young People in Iraq – Reports

ISIS Executes Dozens of Young People in Iraq – Reports
Mon Mar 2, 2015 16:10:52

The terrorist militants continued a series of violent executions. Recently, the ISIS burned 45 people to death.

The ISIS militants executed dozens of youth near al-Baghdadi town in western Iraq, Sputnik (news site based in Moscow) said Monday citing its sources.No further information is available yet.

In late February, the ISIS burned 45 people to death, including security forces members, in al-Baghdadi, after taking control over the town they have been besieging for months.

When big offensive to retake Tikrit begins and Iraqi army advancing in different position,The Iraqi Ministry of Defense announced on Sunday, that 59 terrorists have been either killed or injured during military operations by the army forces in different areas of al-Anbar province.

The ministry said in a statement that "the 8th Infantry Brigade of the Iraqi Army, with support from the Iraqi Air Force (IAF), have managed to kill 27 terrorists and injure 20 others in the area Albu-Juwairyi near al-Habaniya site, located in al-Anbar province.Anbar Operations forces have killed 3 terrorists and wounded 9 others, in addition to destroying a number of hideouts and vehicles for the ISIS group in Albu-Bali area.”

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