Daesh Executes 32 Security Forces in Central Iraq

Daesh Executes 32 Security Forces in Central Iraq
Mon Mar 2, 2015 23:01:09

The ISIS known also as Daesh, has executed Saturday 32 security forces in Iraq’s Anbar province, Iraqi security officials said. At least five other people killed in Daesh attacks in Anbar province, sources say.

Security officials said that Daesh militants executed the 32 policemen and Sunni tribal forces by firing squad in front of the locals of the Vaddahiye village of al-Baghdadi Township, Anadolu News Agency reports.

Those executed were believed to be local policemen and members of the government-backed Sahwa paramilitary group. They were captured in a battle with ISIS militants in Jubba, the source said.

Townsmen were not permitted to bury the bodies, sources said.

Separately, Daesh militants have killed at least five civilians and injured six others after shooting mortars that hit a residential area while carrying out an offensive on a military base near al-Baghdadi.

The al-Baghdadi Local Assembly has said that around 500 families were forced to leave their houses following Daesh attacks. The assembly said that more than 1,000 children were in danger due to lack of food.

Earlier in February, Daesh reportedly burned to death 45 people in al-Baghdadi. The Iraqi army has made efforts to retake the town.

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