Meshaal demands end to Israeli occupation

Meshaal demands end to Israeli occupation
Tue Jul 29, 2014 08:26:35

The leader of Hamas is demanding anew that Israel end its occupation of Palestinian land.

Khaled Meshaal told CBS News in an interview that he believed the world hadn't taken an even-handed view of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

He said, quote, "Unfortunately the world doesn't blame the Israelis."

And Meshaal also said Palestinians had to frequently hear pleas for the security of the Israeli regime, asking "why don't you give it to Palestinians?"

Asked if Hamas believes there's only a military solution, Meshaal said only, "As a Palestinian, I want to be liberalized. I want to live without occupation."

He asked interviewer Charlie Rose, "Did you not kick the British out?" during the American Revolution. The Hamas leader calls occupation "the worst thing you can imagine."


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