Syrian forces crush insurgent forces in purging ops

Syrian forces crush insurgent forces in purging ops
Sun Jul 13, 2014 22:11:30

Syrian military forces have continued conducting operations against positions of intruding foreign-backed insurgents across the country, taking out their staging areas and bunkers in various regions and inflicting major losses on their war machines and fighting forces.

In the outskirts of Idleb, government troops on Sunday targeted insurgent staging grounds in Nahleh and Maaret al-Numan neighborhoods, killing and wounding scores of terrorists, state news agency SANA reported.

More armed mercenaries were killed or injured by army units in M’arbelit, M’artab’I, Kfarrouma and Talmanas in Idleb suburbs, where their gathering locations were discovered and attacked.

In Homs, army units targeted several more insurgent staging areas and hideouts in al-Houleh area and in Deir Foul and Ez-Eddin in Talbiseh and in Abo Hwadid, Arshouneh and Um Sahrij.

The operations resulted in the death of numerous insurgents and the destruction of their vehicles, some equipped with heavy machine guns.

Moreover, an army unit thwarted an attempt by an armed terrorist group to infiltrate into a military post in Bait Taima town in Damascus Countryside, leaving its members killed and wounded.

The army units further targeted terrorist elements in the areas of Douma and Adra al-Balad, killing a number of them and destroying their hideouts.

In the same general area, Syrian troops also clashed with insurgent groups in al-Mleiha and Ein Tirma and killed scores of their forces.

Meanwhile, the army continued operations in the areas of al-Zabadani and al-Qalamoun, where government troops targeted and destroyed a number of insurgent staging grounds and eliminated their weaponry and other military hardware.

Scores of the foreign-backed militants were killed in the operation.

Army units also targeted insurgent hideouts and staging areas in a number of towns in the countryside of Damascus and Quneitra, destroying their war machines and armed vehicles.
SANA also cited a military source as saying that army forces targeted more insurgent staging grounds in al-Taranja and Ein al-Darb in Quneitra countryside, killing a number of them and destroying their weapons and ammunition.

In Aleppo outskirts meanwhile, infiltration attempts by terrorist elements into a number of military posts in the vicinity of al-Lairamon and orphanage were foiled by government forces.

Army units also targeted insurgent hideouts in the areas of Deir Jammal, al-Na’naei Square , Bashkwi, Daret Izzeh and Aftomashin in the city and countryside of Aleppo, killing or wounding many armed militatns and destroying their vehicles and military equipment.

Also in Daraa countryside, government troops targeted insurgent positions and kill or wounded many of their forces.


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