Syria army retakes parts of Mleiha town

Syria army retakes parts of Mleiha town
Sun Jul 13, 2014 10:58:49

The Syrian army has recaptured parts of the southwestern town of Mleiha in Rif Dimashq governorate as the country’s armed forces continue to gain more ground in the battle against foreign-backed Takfiri terrorists.

Syrian army units managed to retake parts of the strategic town after around 100 days of heavy fighting with the terrorists from the so-called al-Nusra Front and other Takfiri groups, according to some reports.

Syrian soldiers have fully encircled the town and are in control of buildings near the Fateh Mosque in Mleiha. Government forces are currently engaged in fierce clashes with the militants in the northeastern part of the town, the reports said.

Reports further indicated that Syrian troops had foiled attempts by the foreign-sponsored armed groups to release over 500 of their fellow militants being trapped inside the town.

A number of militants, including some Chechen and French nationals, had reportedly been killed in the army operation.

The development comes as Syrian forces have achieved major victories in their battle against foreign-backed groups and inflicted heavy losses on them across the country over the past months.

On July 4, the Syrian army said it had regained control of the strategic Sheikh Najjar Industrial Zone in the northern city of Aleppo after killing a large number of Takfiri militants.

Syria has been the scene of a deadly turmoil since March 2011. Reports say more than 170,000 people have so far been killed and millions of others displaced because of the foreign-sponsored turmoil.


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