Syrian army retakes parts of town near Rif Dimashq

Syrian army retakes parts of town near Rif Dimashq
Thu Jun 5, 2014 18:03:54

Syrian army forces have regained full control of a strategic town in Rif Dimashq province following heavy clashes with foreign-backed militants, al-Alam reports.

According to al-Alam reporter, the Syrian army on Thursday, following days of clashes with foreign-backed militants, has taken the control of al-Sorah region near al-Kesvah town.

According to report, the Syrian army troops also gained some progress near al-Faljeh as well as Kerafish mountainous areas near port city of Latakia.

Earlier on Thursday, Syrian armed forces also have made new advances against the foreign-backed militants near the capital, Damascus, around the key town of Mleha.

Army units took over control of northern and eastern portions of Mleha on Wednesday following a day-long clash with militants.

Government troops further blocked a key access road to the town, which has been a target of numerous roadside bombings by the militants. The army units also cut off Mleha’s road links to the south.

Elsewhere in Syria, government forces eliminated more armed militant gangs during operations in areas surrounding the cities of Homs, Daraa, and Idlib, inflicting major losses on the foreign-sponsored militants and knocking out their staging grounds and hideouts.


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