Jordan: Syrian rebel commander killed in family feud

Jordan: Syrian rebel commander killed in family feud
Sun Jul 13, 2014 20:45:23

A Syrian rebel commander has been shot to death in Amman in an apparent revenge killing by his family members, Jordanian police said while the western-backed opposition tried to blame Damascus for his death.

Maher Rahhal, who headed the Liwa al-Mujahideen Brigade, one of the West-backed insurgent groups fighting to topple Syrian President Bashar Assad, "was shot twice in Abu Nseir district" late Friday, a Jordanian security official said on Sunday.

Meanwhile, a police statement added that an initial probe and witness accounts indicate that Rahhal's murder was linked to a "family feud" while the security official also confirmed that it was not politically motivated.

Police is now looking for two Syrian suspected of killing Rahhal days after he arrived in Jordan.

"When the suspects found out that he was in Jordan, they went after him and shot him dead," the statement said.

There were no further information regarding the murder of the terrorist leader but police said they are still investigating the case.

This is while the opposition Syrian National Coalition condemned the killing in a statement posted on its official website, and claimed that the Syrian government was responsible.

The group urged the Jordanian government to launch "a serious investigation" and arrest those responsible for killing Rahhal.

His murder was the first of its kind in Jordan, home to more than 600,000 Syrian refugees.

The US-sponsored Jordanian kingdom has been openly supporting the armed insurgents and terrorist fighting against the Syrian government. 


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