Mortar fire on Damascus kills child, wounds 40

Mortar fire on Damascus kills child, wounds 40
Tue Apr 15, 2014 12:53:59

Mortar rounds fired by terrorist groups on the Syrian capital Damascus have killed a child and wounded at least 41 people, among them more children.

"A child was killed and 41 others, most of them children, were injured by mortar rounds fired by terrorists at schools in Bab Touma and Al-Duwaila in Damascus," the official SANA news agency reported on Tuesday.

Citing a police source, SANA said one attack hit a school in Bab Touma, killing one child and wounding 36, and a second hit a cluster of schools near a church in Al-Duwaila, injuring five people.

Rebel forces hold some territory on the outskirts of the capital from which they have regularly launched mortar and rocket attacks targeting central Damascus.

The attacks have frequently hit in upscale neighborhoods housing embassies and security facilities as well as the Old City, killing civilians.

Elsewhere, nine people, including a player with Syria's youth football team, Tarek Ghrair, were killed late Monday in mortar fire on the central city of Homs.

"Nine people, including a footballer in Syria's youth team, were killed in mortar fire on the Hamra and Karam al-Shami neighbourhoods," the Observatory said.

The districts are under government control, and SANA reported that Ghrair had been killed by a "terrorist mortar round".


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