Three Al-Manar staffers killed in Syria's Maalula

Three Al-Manar staffers killed in Syria's Maalula
Mon Apr 14, 2014 21:08:15

Three Al-Manar staffers have been killed while covering the Syrian army's takeover of the Christian town of Maalula, Al-Manar television says.

"Al-Manar expresses its condolences for our three martyred colleagues -- correspondent Hamza al-Hajj Hassan and technician Halim Allaw, as well as cameraman Mohammad Mantash, killed by bullets from armed groups in Maalula," a presenter said.

Al-Manar reported earlier in the day that its four-member crew came under fire in the predominantly Christian town.

The shooting came hours after Syrian troops liberated at least three border towns including Maaloula in the Qalamoun region bordering Lebanon.

Al-Manar television has provided extensive coverage of the Qalamoun battles in recent months as the Syrian army launched an operation to root out foreign-backed militant groups.


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