Video: Meet the man who eats 3 kilos of rock and mud a day

Fri Apr 4, 2014 22:53:50

This 30-year old Indian man has been eating bricks, gravel and mud, since he was only 10, and says can’t quit his ‘addiction’.

Pakkirappa Hunagundi has snacked on walls and streets of Karnataka, India, and now he nearly eats three kilograms of rock and mud a day.

The bizarre eating disorder is thought to be a form of Pica, an illness which gives sufferers an appetite for substances without any nutritional value, the Dailymail wrote in a report.

Sporting a full set of normal-looking teeth, Hunagundi blasts any suggestion he should curb the addiction.

He said: 'I have been eating bricks and rocks for around 20 years now. I love eating them. It has become a part of my life.

'I started at the age of 10. Now it feels like a necessity to me. I can skip meals, but not bricks or mud.

'I have suffered no side effects. My teeth are absolutely fine. I can bite into the hardest stone without a problem.'   

His mother has spent 20 years trying to dissuade her son from eating away parts of their house and village.

But Hunagundi says the building material tastes 'A1' - an Indian term for the best.

Branding it better than 'divine nectar', he says it is best served with a glass of water.

He said: 'Other than bricks, mud and stones, I don't like anything else. Even if you offer me divine nectar, I won't take it.

'My mother says don't eat all this. She keeps insisting, but even if she gives me chicken fry, I don't eat it. I don't like that at all.

'I need mud and bricks to eat. I can't help my own habit.'

One villager said: 'I have known him since childhood. He has always eaten mud and stones since then.

'Even a tiny stone in the mouth hurts so much. But he eats mud and stones everyday with so much ease. We find it extremely strange.'

After news of his brick eating spread, Hunagundi has been inundated with people wanting to watch him going about his everyday activity.

Hunagundi, who works as a labourer in his village and struggles to make ends meet, now intends to travel the country to showcase his act.

He said: 'My father died four years ago. I have to take care of my mother. We don't have any income. So I want to make use of my talent.

'I want to show people what I can do. I want to earn some money.'


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