Brain of Indian child likened to Einstein

Brain of Indian child likened to Einstein
Sat Mar 15, 2014 11:18:16

Having an Intelligence Quotient ((IQ) of 150 points, same as celebrated scientist Albert Einstein, a five-year-old Indian boy, is leaving people transfixed with his extraordinary power of grasping and recalling tutored facts.

Kautilya Pandit’s incredible capability to answer any question within fraction of seconds has already earned him the title of “Google Boy.”

Hailing from Kuhand village in Karnal district of Haryana, Pandit has picked up general knowledge nuggets pertaining to domestic and international affairs, space, geographical borders, and natural resources while others his age still attempt the alphabets.

At this tender age, he is a veritable encyclopedia having learnt by rote all kinds of random information about 213 countries across the world.

So much so that he has attracted the attention of international psychology experts who want to investigate his learning capabilities. They are trying to analyze his memory quality as to how and in what psychological pattern he memorizes things.

Psychologists from the famous Kurukshetra University have already conducted research and memory tests on Kautilya and marked him a ‘genius child.’

Kautilya’s grandfather, Jaikishan Sharma, who claims to be his friend, philosopher and guide, said, “Kautilya is indeed a wonder boy with an excellent photographic memory. This is both natural and acquired. He can answer almost any question with utmost ease. Such capability is extremely rare in his age group. We noticed this the first time during a family trip to Agra in February last when we saw him reading and remembering the signboards.”

“Then later during the last summer holidays, I took the help of a tutor Sushil Rawal who introduced various physical and political maps and atlas to Kautilya. Once told, Kautilya memorized names of almost everything, all countries, their capitals and oceans at once. We experimented further and noticed that he recalled everything said to him without any difficulty,” Sharma, a retired vice-principal, adds.

Nicknamed ‘mini encyclopedia’, Kautilya is fond of mathematics and science.

“I love reading books that is my idea of fun. I want to know everything about everything but science and maths are my most-liked,” beaming Kautilya says.


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