Hezbollah figure warns of 'globalizing' Takfiri threat

Hezbollah figure warns of 'globalizing' Takfiri threat
Sat Jan 25, 2014 21:00:35

Deputy general-secretary of the Lebanese Hezbollah resistance movement has raised alarms about the threat of “Takfiri terrorism” and its potential spread across the globe.

“This peril [of Takfiri terrorism] does not only threaten Syria, Lebanon and Iraq, rather it threatens the entire world,” Sheikh Naim Qassem emphasized during a ceremony honoring religious educators in Southern Beirut, Al Alam reports on Saturday.

He further underlined that those who assume that Takfiris are only targeting a specific tendency are mistaken.

“They do not tolerate anyone on the face of the earth, [and] consider themselves a chosen nation and only regard themselves as worthy of existence so that they can commit any corruption they desire,” added the senior Hezbollah official.

Saying that the Syrian crisis attracted the Takfiris to the region, Qassem further warned that we should expect to hear something new every day about their transition to other regions.

He then went on to speak about the need and significance of establishing an inclusive government in Lebanon, adding, “No one can eliminate another [individual]; Lebanon’s problems will not be resolved unless all of us join hands despite our differences.”

The Hezbollah authority then called for solidarity among Lebanese groups as well as reaching consensus on minimum issue “for the sake of Lebanon’s political and security interests.”

Sheikh Qassem also emphasized that Hezbollah will remain vigilant by accepting responsibility towards Lebanon’s security and stay vigilant against those that try to escalate the nation’s issues to an “explosive level.”

The remarks by the resistance figure comes following a major escalation of terror bombings against Hezbollah targets by Takfiri terrorist groups with ties to foreign-backed insurgents in Syria.


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