‘Hezbollah critics aim to neglect Takfiri terrorism’

‘Hezbollah critics aim to neglect Takfiri terrorism’
Thu Jan 23, 2014 01:25:03

Lebanon's caretaker Foreign Affairs Minister Adnan Mansour has emphasized during his address during the Geneva II conference that critics of Hezbollah's role in Syria seek to divert attention from the terrorist "Takfiri" threat.

"Whoever claims that what is happening in Lebanon is the result of Hezbollah’s participation in Syria seeks to divert attention from the facts and [provide a] cover for the presence of Takfiris and extremist groups in Lebanon,” Mansour said on Wednesday during the peace conference in Switzerland.

He further stated that the repercussions from the Syrian crisis represented major challenges to Lebanon's security, stability, economy and demographic balance.

"Perhaps the primary danger here is terrorism which striking us today armed with radical, Takfiri thoughts to reject others, something Lebanon has never witnessed before,” said the top Lebanese diplomat.

“The repercussions from the Syria crisis ... have extended to neighboring countries where the region has become an arena for terrorism, becoming a reality of the fighting in Syria," he noted.

Urging joint international efforts to combat terrorism, Mansour further reiterated that groups linked directly to terrorist organizations had entered the country and carried out a series of bombings.

The development comes as Lebanon has been rocked by a string of car bombs, most of which have taken place in Beirut’s southern suburbs where Hezbollah enjoys broad support. The terrorist acts have killed dozens of people and wounded scores more.

Radical rebel groups fighting President Bashar Assad's forces have claimed responsibility for most of the bombings, including Tuesday’s suspected suicide attack, calling them “retaliation” for Hezbollah’s support role in Syria to battle the foreign-backed insurgents and al-Qaeda-linked terror groups, aiming to overthrow the Assad government.

During his Geneva II address, the Lebanese foreign minister alos described the peace talks as a "golden opportunity" to reach a political solution in Syria and allow the refugees to return to their home country.
"The solution can only be Syrian and the Syrians alone can decide the future of their nation at a distance from interventions that only worsen the situation,” he said.


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