Struggle in Israeli Knesset over land annexation

Struggle in Israeli Knesset over land annexation
Thu Jan 9, 2014 12:23:26

Minority lawmakers in the Israeli Knesset have lost their bid to pass a so-called "Two-State Solution" bill that would prohibit future land grabs, officials say.

The measure, proposed by Labor party lawmaker Hilik Bar, would make it illegal for Israel to annex any Palestinian land that isn't given over as part of a deal to create an independent Palestinian state.

The conservative Likud-dominated Knesset rejected with the measure on a 44-25 vote, the Jerusalem Post reported Wednesday. But not before some heated dialogue between members.

"You are reaching a moment of truth, in which you have to look in the mirror of history and realize that we need to separate from the Palestinians," opposition leader Isaac Herzog said to the majority coalition. "If you don't take this opportunity now, history will judge you, because we will become an isolated, binational state."

Majority lawmakers noted with Israel and the Palestinians presently engaged in peace negotiations, it isn't up to lawmakers to set the parameters of those talks -- and that any deal reached between the two sides would have to pass the chamber before taking effect.

The dispute among Knesset members shows that there are some Israeli officials who are concerned about the future of the regime. The international criticism of the Israeli occupation of Palestinian lands has increased during the couple of years because Israelis defy all international laws and continue the construction of illegal settlement units in West Bank and East al-Quds.

US Secretary of State John Kerry has held talks with Israeli and Palestinian officials to lead them to the so-called peace talks and to urge them to follow up the US-sponsored two-state solution, but it has brought no results till yet.


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