Terrorists insult, feed slain Syrian soldier’s head: Video

Terrorists insult, feed slain Syrian soldier’s head: Video
Mon Dec 30, 2013 22:08:58

New shocking footage dubbed “Syria is here” shows foreign-backed Takfiri terrorists insulting the head of a Syrian soldier who they had beheaded earlier in Aleppo.

The footage posted on the social media shows the Takfiri terrorists calling the head names and making fun of him.

Addressing the head of the slain soldier, the terrorists ask the head “What would you like to drink?” and then in an insulting manner, they try to feed him.

Syria has been gripped by a deadly unrest that started in 2011 as pro-reform protests but turned into a massive war following infiltration of foreign extremists groups, many of them linked to al-Qaeda.

People have been witnessing brutal scenes of killing and torture in some areas of the country which have been occupied and controlled by Takfiri groups.


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