Al-Nusra feeds Aleppo dogs with Syrian soldiers’ bodies

Al-Nusra feeds Aleppo dogs with Syrian soldiers’ bodies
Sat Nov 16, 2013 17:19:39

Terrorist al-Nusra Front in Syria says it feeds dogs with bodies of Syrian soldiers to scare people from faith of those who supported their army and government.

Al-Manara al-Bayda which is al-Nusra’s official media channel has posted a statement by the group’s leaders accompanied by a picture depicting body of a slain Syrian soldier which being torn apart by a dog in Tel al-Tiyara in Aleppo.

Moussa al-Harbi, one of the Saudi members of the al-Nusra Front, wrote in his Twitter account that, “Al-Nusra Front throws bodies in front of dogs to terrify hearts of the enemies”.

“Al-Nusra Front feeds Aleppo dogs with Shabihas’ bodies (people supporting the Syrian army) so that no one says a dog is hungry in the Muslim lands,” he wrote.

He also wrote that this is where Shias end up.

Aleppo is the main bastion of Saudi-backed militants which is reportedly headed by Saudi intelligence chief Prince Bandar Bin Sultan.

Al-Nusra Front, which is al-Qaeda’s main armed force fighting on the ground in Syria and most powerful part of the Western-backed free Syrian army has been responsible for making the most atrocious and inhuman scenes in the bloody war in Syria.

Video of an al-Nusra member eating organs off the body of a Syrian soldier shocked the world and was followed by human rights activists warning about crimes that are making different definitions for brutality.

There are many Syrians trapped in small towns and villages, ruled by al-Qaeda and other terrorist-in-nature groups, who witness cruel crimes almost every day.

Many activists have been warning that life seems to have lost its meaning as the killers do not care who they are killing, a terrified girl, a crying boy, a desperate mother or a father who worries what would happen to his family after the attackers remove his head in front of them.

The war in Syria goes on as the West and some Arab countries have not stopped funding and supporting the Syria militants which many Syrians see them as al-Qaeda’s force.

Qatar and Saudi Arabia have spent billions of dollars to fund the nearly three-year-old war while CIA operatives have been training more militants to send into Syria to topple the government.


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