Thieves mistaken for nuclear saboteurs in Iran: minister

Thieves mistaken for nuclear saboteurs in Iran: minister
Wed Oct 30, 2013 18:52:59

Iran’s Intelligence Minister Mahmoud Alavi says four people recently arrested on suspicion of nuclear sabotage have proven to be simply scrap iron thieves.

Alavi’s Wednesday remarks came in response to October 6 remarks by Iran’s nuclear boss Ali Akbar Salehi about the arrest of four individuals who planned to sabotage a nuclear energy facility, Press TV reported.

“These four were not saboteurs. Because there was scrap iron and steel [piled up] on the premises of the [nuclear] site, they had cut holes into the fence of a 1.5-meter wall surrounding the site to gather scrap iron and sell it on the market,” said Alavi.

“In fact, these people were thieves and not nuclear saboteurs and they were residents of the village near the power plant and repeat offenders,” the minister added.

Neither Alavi nor Salehi have specified where the nuclear facility in question was located.


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