Iran discovers Mossad-trained terrorist network

Iran discovers Mossad-trained terrorist network
Sun Jun 2, 2013 22:09:46

Iran Intelligence Ministry has uncovered a Mossad-trained network of terrorists with links to the spy agency of an Arab state, plotting to sabotage Iran’s upcoming election.

“The ringleader of this group was recruited by the spy agency of one of the most dependent and reactionary Arab countries in the region,” the ministry said in a statement on Sunday.

The dependence of this Arab country on the Israeli regime has become more obvious in recent years, it added.

“The prime suspect in the case … was assigned the mission to set up an operational group to carry out acts of terror in the country… on Election Day (June 14). A 12-member group was formed upon this order with the purpose of sabotage,” the statement read.

“One of the most evil tasks assigned to this espionage-terrorist group” was creating sectarian strife and religious rifts across Iran and they were also ordered to assassinate the prominent figures of religious and ethnic groups in the country, it said.

According to the statement, the terrorists were connected to a center located in Britain, on which the ministry is continuing its investigations. Some Israeli-linked terrorists had been identified with links to this certain base before.

The statement further stated that the ministry also confiscated large amounts of light weapons, including colt pistols and Tommy guns from the group.

The ministry warned the enemies of Iran and Islam, including the arrogant powers and certain reactionary countries in the region, that they would face harsh retaliation if they cross the “red lines” of the country.

This is not the first time Iran has arrested foreign spies.

On March 21, Iranian Intelligence Ministry disbanded two terrorist groups that smuggled weapons into the country and were making arrangements for different types of seditious acts ahead of the June presidential election.

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