Exclusive: Life returns to Syria’s Shaba'a

Exclusive: Life returns to Syria’s Shaba'a
Thu Sep 19, 2013 19:18:38

As Syrian army has gained control of the town of Shaba'a on the suburbs of the capital, Damascus, the normal life is slowly returning to the liberated town, Al-Alam reports.

The development comes two days after Syrian Army forces entered the town and began purging it from the armed and terrorist groups.

Residents of the newly-liberated Syrian town of Shab’a who had refused to leave their homes despite its occupation by foreign-backed militant groups have confirmed to Al-Alam’s correspondent in the town that many members of the terrorist groups were nationals of other countries.

Speaking to Al-alam bureau chief in Damascus, one of the residents, Hossein Morteza, said after the armed groups entered Shab’a, they told us to leave the town.

Another resident asserted that in addition to Syrian militants, a number of the foreign-backed armed elements were nationals of other countries, including Tunisia, Iraq and Libya.

An elderly woman who had also refused to leave her home despite threats made by the militant groups reiterated that the terrorists demanded that we abandon our homes after they gained access to the city, claiming that if we stayed in the town the army would kill us.

“They falsely told us that if the Army enters the town, they would kill us,” said another resident. “But I said it is not logical for the Army to kill us, since we didn’t do anything wrong.”

The resident further insisted that prior to the occupation of Shab’a by the armed elements, the town was peaceful.

Pointing to those residents that fled the town following its occupation by the armed groups, the resident emphasized that fleeing was a wrong move since withdrawing from the town allowed the armed elements to occupy it and engage in ransacking homes and stealing people’s properties.

Al-Alam reporter, meanwhile, emphasized that after purging the town from the armed groups, Syrian army forces are now continuing to purge all areas in eastern Ghouta while surrounding the terror elements.


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