Israeli terrorist killed in Syria battle

Israeli terrorist killed in Syria battle
Wed Sep 18, 2013 08:51:11

An Israeli militant has been killed during a battle in Syria, after crossing the border in order to fight alongside foreign-backed militants in the war-torn country.

Mueid Juma’a, from the village of Mushirfa in Wadi Ara, was suspected by Israeli authorities of entering Syria after he went missing in early August. Juma’a, 28, had left without notifying his wife or family members of his destination, though it was revealed that he had purchased a one-way ticket to Turkey a short while earlier.

Two other residents of Wadi Ara were reported missing at the same time and are also suspected of accompanying Juma’a into Syria.

Juma’a's family received on Tuesday a photo of a man who had been shot to death in Syria and the family members confirmed that the photographed man was their missing relative.

Juma’a is the first known Israeli fatality of the Syrian battle.

An Israeli security source assessed that the two other men, along with at least eight more Israelis, were still taking part in fighting across the northern border.

In August, Abdel Qader Altallah, a pharmacy student from Taibe, was indicted upon returning to Israel for initiating contact with an enemy agent, after he briefly joined the ranks of the Syrian militants.

A month earlier, 29-year-old Hikmat Massarwa, who joined the so-called Free Syrian Army, was handed a 30-month prison sentence after he agreed to a plea bargain and admitted to contacting an enemy agent, illegally leaving the country and infiltration.


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