Pentagon ordered to escalate Syria attack plans

Pentagon ordered to escalate Syria attack plans
Mon Sep 9, 2013 21:44:24

Initially slated to be a very “limited” number of strikes, with some officials familiar with talks saying the original plan was about 50 missile volleys, the planned US attack on Syria seems to be growing precipitously.

Apparently fueled by the administration’s annoyance at having to wait for their way, they have ordered the Pentagon to dramatically expand their target lists, with a consideration for using warplanes as well as missile strikes.

Two US officers said the White House asked for an expanded target list in recent days to include many more than the 50 or so targets on the initial list, a report in the Loas Angeles Times quoted them who were talking on condition of anonymity.

As a result, Pentagon planners are weighing whether to use Air Force bombers, in addition to five warships now on patrol in the eastern Mediterranean Sea, to launch cruise missiles and air-to-surface missiles from hundreds of miles offshore, well out of range of Syrian air defenses.

"There will be several volleys and an assessment after each volley, but all within 72 hours and a clear indication when we are done," said one officer familiar with the planning.

US President Barack Obama is lobbying hard to gather support for its controversial military plans against Syria which started after the White House accused the Syrian government of being responsible for an alleged chemical attack near capital Damascus on August 21.

Obama war ambitions have been faced with mounting public condemnation, with majority of Americans vehemently opposing the war.

A CNN/ORC International poll released on Monday showed that more than seven in 10 Americans oppose a US attack on Syria.


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