Lebanon urges Arabs to unite against war on Syria

Lebanon urges Arabs to unite against war on Syria
Mon Sep 9, 2013 19:09:08

Lebanon has called on Arab states to adopt a unified policy on Syria to prevent US-led invasion against the influential Arab state.

“The Arab countries should reach a united stance to confront any aggression against Syria because [such an attack] would have negative repercussions on the entire region,” Lebanon’s caretaker Foreign Minister Adnan Mansour told the Sawt Al-Shaeb radio station.

Mansour said that the Arab community could not overlook or bless any possible military attack against an Arab State.

“Syria is not alone and it has friends throughout the world. We cannot imagine that an Arab state would support an aggression against any other Arab State,” the official said, referring to some Arab states which Washington said might provide financial support to an attack on Syria, including Saudi Arabia.

"A military attack on any Arab state, regardless of its policy or regime, cannot be overlooked,” Mansour said.

Tensions rose high in the region after US said it was planning to attack Syria over conflicting reports of a chemical attack which they blamed it on the Syrian government based on anti-Syria militants’ claims.

Damascus has categorically denied using chemicals and has said it had evidence that showed the foreign-backed militants conducted the attack to open the way for their Western supporters to enter the war.

Mansour also urged all sides to wait for the results of the UN investigators probing the use of chemical weapons.

Some states want to settle their scores with the (Syrian) government by charging it with false accusations, he said, without directly naming countries.

“We should wait for the results of the investigation over the use of chemical weapons in Syria and not throw accusations haphazardly.”



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