Europeans against war on Syria: Polls

Europeans against war on Syria: Polls
Sat Aug 31, 2013 13:41:14

A majority of Europeans oppose military intervention in Syria of any kind, a new poll shows, as Washington is considering to bomb the country.

A new survey suggests nearly three in five French people would oppose France joining any military action in Syria.

The poll revealed that 59% of the public are against French involvement.

On the same day France dispatched a ship towards Syria a survey conducted by IFOP for Le Figaro newspaper shows the French hold a mainly negative view towards a possible military intervention in Syria by the country’s armed forces.

A new poll by The Sun shows that Britons oppose a missile strike against Syria by a factor of 2-to-1.

A survey in Germany also shows that 69% of the German people were against a military strike on Syria.

International debate is raging on fact-finding about an alleged chemical attack in Syria which US is using as pretext to bomb the Arab country.

The US has failed to provide evidence of its accusations against Syria while international condemnation grows against its military ambitions.

The US claims come as Syria has already provided UN with evidences on at least three chemical attacks carried out by US-backed militants near the Syrian capital of Damascus.


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