France dials down war rhetoric against Syria

France dials down war rhetoric against Syria
Thu Aug 29, 2013 19:34:39

French President Francois Hollande sounds less resolute than earlier this week on attacking Syria, saying that everything must be done to seek a political solution to the crisis in the Arab country.

Hollande made the remarks on Thursday after a meeting with the head of the so-called Syrian National Coalition (SNC), Ahmad al-Jarba, in Paris.

The French President called on the world powers to halt “the escalating violence” in Syria.

"All efforts must be made for a political solution but this will only come… if the international community is capable of stopping the escalating violence of which the chemical weapons attack is just an illustration," Hollande said.

The French president, however, reiterated that Paris would give “all its aid, all its political backing and also humanitarian and medical aid" to Syria’s opposition group.

France together with the US and Britain have called for military action against Syria over conflicting reports of a chemical attack that they blame the Syrian government for, without providing any evidence.

On Wednesday, former French Foreign Minister Dominique de Villepin said that military action was an “appropriate solution” to the crisis in Syria.

De Villepin, who is known for his speech in 2003 at the UN in opposition to the US-led invasion of Iraq, also said that a military action against Syria would delay “any political, diplomatic settlement.”

The US is rushing to attack Syria before results of UN investigations over the alleged chemical attack are final.

The Obama administration, backed with Israeli intelligence services, says it has concluded that the Syrian army has used chemicals near Damascus.

US claims come as Syria has already provided UN with evidences on at least three chemical attacks carried out by US-backed militants near the Syrian capital.

Israeli intelligence information is widely believed to have played a central role in paving the way for justifying US attack on Syria.

The US has conspicuously insisted that the story is “undeniable” even though they have never presented any proof of it, but the secret “proof” which is never put forth for public scrutiny apparently comes straight from Israeli intelligence.

Israeli military intelligence told the US they had wiretapped the Syrian government and heard them talking about using chemical weapons, insisting that “proved” that they were the ones who did it.

A large delegation of senior Israeli security officials is currently in Washington holding talks with top administration officials led by US National Security Adviser Susan Rice.


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