Egypt strongly rejects military action on Syria

Egypt strongly rejects military action on Syria
Thu Aug 29, 2013 17:51:19

Egypt has expressed strong opposition to any foreign military action in Syria, calling for resumption of attempts to revive Geneva 2 talks.

Egyptian Foreign Minister Nabil Fahmy urged the international community to hold those behind the use of chemical weapons accountable once the UN inspectors' report issues conclusive information.

His comments referred to US threats on bombing Syria over conflicting reports of an alleged chemical attack near Syrian capital.

"Egypt will not take part in any military strike and strongly opposes it in line with its opposition to any foreign military intervention in Syria," read a statement published in the Egyptian Foreign Ministry official website.

Fahmy called upon Syria’s warring sides and Western powers to swiftly proceed with the UN-backed Geneva-2 conference in order to forge a political resolution to the crisis that has already taken tens of thousands of lives.

Worldwide opposition is growing to US planned attack on Syria which the Obama administration rushed for before any investigations were carried out on the story.

The UN Security Council rejected the idea of authorizing US attack.

According to international charters, use of armed force is only allowed in self-defense or with an authorization from the Security Council.

But the US government, ignorant of global condemnation and UNSC opposition, has already moved its military forces closer to Syria, raising high tensions in the middle east countries.


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