More foreign militants killed in Latakia

More foreign militants killed in Latakia
Mon Aug 26, 2013 18:40:53

Syrian army officials have confirmed that the majority of militants killed in clashes with Syrian army forces in Latakia were foreign nationals.

According to Al-Alam, a large number of the Syrian militants who were killed in recent conflicts in western province of Latakia were from Arab and non-Arab nationalities, fighting along with Al-Qaeda forces in Syria.

Among the dead who were murdered in Syrian army operation, the body of a Saudi terrorist Hamad Abdul Rahman al-Asam was also found, the source said.

Al-Asam, a citizen from Sadiq city in Saudi Arabia, sneaked into Syria two months ago to join Takfiri forces.

A graduate from an Islamic science school, Al-Asam was a senior official at the court in Saudi Eastern Province.

Al-Asam was also a member of Eagle brigade that played substantial role in recruiting Arab nationals, mainly from Saudi Arabia to fight in Reef Latakia, in northern Syria.

Syria has turned into a hotbed for conflicts of various foreign terrorist groups and at times rival groups fighting against Syrian government.

Earlier this week, a Jordanian Salafist group has confirmed over 20 American and European militants have been also killed in Syria.

A ringleader of an extremist group in Jordan, speaking on condition of anonymity, admitted that more than 20 German, French and American militants have been killed in recent clashes with the Syrian government forces in different provinces.

Refusing to announce more details, the source added that around 100 elements of terrorist group al-Nusra Front were also killed in recent days.


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