UN chemical team to start probe in Syria

UN chemical team to start probe in Syria
Mon Aug 26, 2013 13:51:42

A team of UN experts is going to start investigating allegations of chemical weapons use in Syria.

The investigation is going ahead after Syria reached an agreement with the UN to allow an inspection into the site of an alleged chemical attack that was carried out on August 21 near the capital Damascus.

The deal was struck during a meeting between Syrian Foreign Minister Walid Muallem and UN High Representative for Disarmament Angela Kane in Damascus on Sunday.

The US however has been mulling carrying out an airstrike in Syria while moving its naval forces closer to the Arab country in a condition when its Special Forces and CIA operatives are reportedly already in Syria.

Despite killing of at least 100,000 people in the massive foreign-backed insurgency in Syria, US had withheld a military intervention which they claim could be solution to the crisis in Syria, until a chemical attack was carried out, if any.

US Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel said on August 23 that the Pentagon was positioning military forces as part of “contingency options” provided to US President Barack Obama regarding Syria.

Hagel’s comments have been interpreted as a tacit suggestion that the US may be preparing for a military strike on Syria. The US defense secretary repeated similar remarks on Sunday during a visit to Malaysia.

Russia, Iran and several US figures have warned US of dire consequences it may face if it attack Syria.


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