Politician slams Saudi invasion of Yemeni land

Wed Aug 21, 2013 21:08:56

A Yemeni politician has criticized Sana’a government over inaction towards Saudi Arabia’s construction of a separation wall.

As long as the Yemeni government does not dare take stance against the construction of the Saudi wall, Yemeni tribes are obliged to continue fighting the Saudi invasion, Secretary General of Yemeni Democratic Party Saif al-Washli told al-Alam on Wednesday.

Fierce clashes erupted recently between Saudi forces and Yemeni tribesmen in the occupied border areas between the two countries, leaving 1 dead and another injured.

Al-Washli said that Saudi forces and tribesmen used different heavy and light weapons during the recent clashes, but there are no reports of the exact number of casualties from Yemeni or Saudi sides.

Ruling out Saudi Arabia’s claims over constructing the wall in its territory, he noted that recent developments in al-Jawf province are against the claims that say the construction is not violating Yemen’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.

He described the Saudi-built wall bordering Yemen as illegal, saying that border disputes between Saudi Arabia and Yemen are a complicated issue, which dates back to 40 years ago when Saudis annexed Yemeni regions of Jizan, Najran and Asir to their territory.
“Undoubtedly, the government lacks approval from Yemeni people and parliament to sell the country’s lands,” he added.


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