Saudi-Yemen relations at odds over labor law

Saudi-Yemen relations at odds over labor law
Sun May 12, 2013 22:35:46

Relations between Saudi Arabia and Yemen have hit a new rift with the ratification of an amendment to labor law by the Saudi government to expel Yemeni workers from the country.

An adviser to Yemeni immigrants’ affairs minister, Ibrahim al-Jahmi told al-Alam on Sunday that the Saudi government has violated all agreements and signed treaties between the two countries regarding Yemeni workers in Saudi Arabia.


He said the Yemeni government is going to form a committee to study Saudi Arabia’s decision and the effects of its aftermaths on the relations between the two countries.


On April, impoverished Yemen faced new instability with thousands of its nationals working in Saudi Arabia being expelled after the kingdom issued new labor laws. Officials in Sana'a confirmed that thousands of Yemeni expatriates were deported after the controversial change in the law.


An estimated 800,000 to 1 million Yemenis live in neighboring Saudi Arabia, remitting about $4bn annually.


Yemenis have traditionally provided a source of cheap labor in Saudi Arabia.


Saudi government’s decision to expel Yemeni workers faced several protests in Yemen near its borders with Saudi Arabia which were forcefully cracked down by the ruling Al Saud forces.


Al-Jahmi said Saudi Arabia’s stance toward the issue does not help the relations between the two countries get any better.

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