Mansour forms committee to probe Cairo violence

Mansour forms committee to probe Cairo violence
Mon Jul 8, 2013 19:37:17

Egypt's interim President Adli Mansour has ordered the formation of a fact-finding committee to investigate what the presidency called "an attempt to storm Cairo's Republican Guard headquarters," which left at least 42 people dead.

The presidency called on all protesters not to approach military facilities or other vital installations, in a statement it issued.

It also expressed its deep sorrow over the fall of victims during the events.

The presidency also urged all parties to abide by self-restraint and uphold the country's national interest and security above everything else.

The statement also stressed that the right to peaceful protesting is guaranteed to everyone without discrimination.

It appealed to all parties to "carry out their responsibility in achieving national reconciliation in order to get through the transitional phase as quickly as possible."

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