Egypt army kills dozens of pro-Morsi protesters

Egypt army kills dozens of pro-Morsi protesters
Mon Jul 8, 2013 10:19:17

Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood party says security forces have shot dead at least 37 supporters of ousted President Mohamed Morsi during the latest protests in the country.

Earlier, the group's spokesman Ahmed Aref told AFP that "sixteen people were killed and a hundred others injured, many of them in serious condition."

Meanwhile, the Egyptian army said Monday that 'armed terrorists' tried to storm its Head Quarters in Cairo. 

Reports say some 200 armed men have also been arrested in this regard. The army says the men assailed the headquarters, killing at least one soldier and injuring dozens of others.  

This comes after Egyptian troops and police used guns and teargas to disperse pro-Morsi protesters outside the Republican Guard headquarters in the capital.

"I saw with my own eyes the people who they shot at" one protester said, adding that several people had been injured. A fellow protester said the security forces fired bullets into the air and threw several teargas grenades.

"They wanted to disperse the protesters" who were determined to stage an indefinite sit-in.

On Friday at the same spot, four protesters were shot dead by soldiers. 

Supporters of Morsi's Muslim Brotherhood have mobilized en masse in different parts of Cairo in recent days, vowing to defend Morsi who was ousted by the military on Wednesday after mass protests calling for him to be removed from power. 

Morsi was Egypt's first democratically elected leader whose government lasted only a year.


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