Covert plot behind Morsi ouster: Twitter activist

Covert plot behind Morsi ouster: Twitter activist
Mon Jul 8, 2013 18:54:50

A Saudi activist has described the hasty congratulation of Saudi King over the removal Egypt’s Morsi as an indication of clandestine plot to re-establish the ousted Mubarak regime’s figures.

Reports say Mujtahid bin Hareth bin Hammaam, who is an active critic of the Al Saud royal family, has posted messages on Twitter, bringing up the issue of Saudi king confidence over the inability of Morsi supporters to gain the control after his removal.

Mujtahid stated in his Tweets that the domination of army over the fabricated population gathered in June 30th and the detention of Mursi ruling party senior members as well as the closure of TV channels affiliated to Muslim Brotherhood would provide the ground to guarantee the victory of designed coup against Morsi.

But the symptom of division among army officials caused the coup contributors to apply another scheme dubbed ‘B’, Mujtahed added.

According to new scheme, thousands of security forces affiliated to ex-regime of Mubarak set to arrange assaults against both the opponents as well as supporters of ousted Morsi. These forces were supposed to expand such clashes across the country, Mujtahid’s Tweets noted.

‘The main reason behind such overall clashes was to persuade people that the country is slapped by general insecurity and the military forces could only calm the situation,’ the Saudi activist added.

According to Mujtahid’s Tweets, the financial charges of the coup were afforded by Saudi Arabia and UAE.

The ex-figures of Mubarak regime were supposed to regain their post after coup, the activist noted.

Egypt has been the scene of rallies and clashes between thousands of supporters and opponents of the ousted president as political turmoil escalates in the North African country.

Morsi was unseated on July 3, and the Chief Justice of Egypt’s Supreme Constitutional Court, Adli Mansour, was sworn in as interim president of Egypt on July 4.

Morsi is reportedly being held “preventively” by the military. Senior army officials say he might face formal charges over accusations made by his opponents.

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