Iran non-oil exports hit $9.7 bln despite sanctions

Iran non-oil exports hit $9.7 bln despite sanctions
Tue Jul 2, 2013 22:36:53

Iran has exported over $9 billion of non-oil goods in spring 2013, despite the US-engineered sanctions imposed on the country.

Iran exported $9.751 billion of non-oil commodities, including gas condensates, during the first three months of the current Iranian calendar year (started March 21, 2013). The non-oil exports weighed 21.699 million tons.

Iran also imported $9.395 billion of goods weighing 6.603 million tons during the three-month period.

Iran exported methanol, also known as methyl alcohol, valued at $349 million, iron ore valued at $297 million, and bitumen valued at $292 million in spring 2013. The three commodities were Iran's main export products, excluding gas condensates and petrochemical products.

Iran also exported $2.96 billion of gas condensates, $2.542 billion of petrochemical products, and $5.112 billion of other goods in spring 2013.

The figures show an 8.8 percent rise in the export of petrochemical products, a 6.88 percent rise in the export of other commodities, and a 15 percent decline in the export of gas condensates in spring 2013.

China, Iraq, the United Arab Emirates, Afghanistan, and India were the main importers of non-oil products from Iran. They imported goods from Iran valued at $1.712 billion, $1.429 billion, $884 million, $675 million, and $621 million goods respectively during the three-month period.

Iran imported $609 million of rice, $460 million of oil cake, $382 million of wheat, $252 million of corn fodder, and $162 million of iron and steel in spring 2013, and these commodities were Iran's main import products.

The United Arab Emirates exported goods valued at $1.785 billion to Iran in spring 2013, making it the leading exporter of non-oil products to Iran. It was followed by China, India, South Korea, and Turkey, which exported goods valued at $1.744 billion, $982 million, $923 million, and $865 million respectively.

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