Iran slams West’s contradictory media claims

Iran slams West’s contradictory media claims
Mon Jul 1, 2013 21:50:43

Iran strongly criticizes Western media ban against its satellite networks, saying that such contradiction in West’s media policies are “surprising and unreasonable”.

Speaking to Al Alam on Monday, Iran’s Foreign Ministry Spokesman Abbas Araqchi said, “We strongly condemn this illegal act. Intel Sat is part of the International Telecommunications Satellite Organization (ITSO) and its duty is to provide satellite service to member countries without any discrimination”.

Araqchi said Iran has become a member of ITSO under such consideration that the organization will provide services to all members without any discrimination. “As a part of the ITSO, Intel Sat should respect this basic rule.”

He said Iran has been an ITSO member since 1972.

Araqchi said the government has started to investigate the illegal ban on its media and is going to negotiate with the Intel Sat authorities to settle the dispute.

The fact that the United States puts a company under pressure to cut its services to Iran basically contradicts to the West’s claims on the very basic rules of human rights and freedom of speech, Araqchi said referring to Washington’s anti-Iran policies and its pressures on companies who preserve ties with the Islamic Republic.

“We see, in the face of international laws, they force an international company to deprive the world from hearing viewpoints and perspectives of another country,” he added.

“This is unreasonable and surprising,” Araqchi said, adding that Iran is following up legal actions in dealing with the matter.

In their campaign against alternative voices and freedom of speech, a number of Western satellite firms pulled the plug on several Iranian television channels, including Al Alam News Network.

On Sunday, the International Telecommunications Satellite Organization (ITSO) called on the United States and Intelsat to suspend their decision on taking Iranian channels off the air.

José Manuel Do Rosario Toscano, the director general of ITSO, which oversees Intelsat's global services, asked both Intelsat and the US to hold talks with Iran on the issue.

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