Former Kuwaiti MP trains militants in Aleppo

Former Kuwaiti MP trains militants in Aleppo
Sat Jun 22, 2013 16:48:30

Former Kuwaiti lawmaker Waleed al-Tabtabai is working alongside a militant group in Syria’s Aleppo that gathers and trains armed men to fight against Syria.

Tabtabai, who spoke to al-Jazeera on Friday, said today was the final day of training for more than 3,000 armed men who have newly arrived in Aleppo.

He said another 1,000 militants will be “graduated” in northwestern city of Idlib the next day.

Tabtabai, who is a salafist figure in Kuwait, added these training were in line with latest “order of Jihad with soul, money and arm” issued by their leaders.

The former Kuwaiti parliamentarian said they had promised the Syria militants to train 12,000 fighters and send to the country.

They will be fighting alongside numerous Arab and non-Arab terrorists group who have been conducting a bloody insurgency in Syria for more than two years.

There was a surge in number of Salafists, Takfiri and extremist groups pouring to the war-torn country after Salafi clerics, especially in Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Jordan, called on their followers to sacrifice their soul for those who fight against Syria.

Despite the ugly scene of insurgency in Syria which some analysts believe has turned to a dangerous war of hatred, the United Sattes which has been a great supporter of war aimed at toppling President Bashar al-Assad as well as its western allies have turned a blind eye over calls for lifting their supports.

Heavy shipments of arms are daily flowing into Syria, mostly through Turkey which has been a major route for Qatar, Saudi Arabia and western supporters of the insurgency to support the terrorist groups.

Russia and the Syrian government have repeatedly warned the US about dire consequences of its support to the militants that would endanger future of not only Syria but the whole region.

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