Al-Nusra kills several Free Syrian Army officers

Al-Nusra kills several Free Syrian Army officers
Wed Jun 19, 2013 19:19:31

The terrorist al-Nusra Front has killed a large number of the members of the so-called Free Syrian Army, a report says.

The terrorist group has now pointed its gun towards its partners, after it has gained a stronger position in the war-torn country with the help of its foreign supporters.  

Fearing the influence of al-Nusra Front, most FSA officers do not have the courage to speak out about numerous “treasons” committed by the al-Qaeda offshoot against the ongoing revolt in Syria, a report by the Arabi-Press said.

A Syrian opposition figure said the al-Nusra Front is headquartered in the towering white building of an eye hospital in the volatile city of Aleppo.

Between 300 and 500 militants are reportedly stationed in the headquarters.

The unnamed militant said the Syrian Army’s artillery is deployed only one kilometer away from the al-Nusra headquarters where Dushka-mounted vehicles are parked or moving.

He noted that the Syrian Army has never opened fire on the al-Nusra headquarters.

The incident has sparked strong concerns among opposition groups in Syria, which till now have enjoyed the power of al-Nusra to battle the Syrian army, as there were many warnings about consequences of letting the terrorist group gain more ground in the country.

The insurgency in Syria started in 2011 as a protest to demand reforms in the country but with support of foreign countries it turned to a massive bloody insurgency led by extremist groups.

Despite the terrorist nature of the al-Nusra and its links to al-Qaeda, the opposition in Syria has used the group in its fight against the government.

Even former president of the so-called national coalition Moaz al-Khatib called on the US to reconsider its 2012 decision to declare the Al-Nusra Front as a terrorist organization, describing Al-Nusra as an ally in the rebellion to topple the legitimate government of Syria.

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