Free Syrian Army asks Israel to attack Syria

Free Syrian Army asks Israel to attack Syria
Wed Jun 19, 2013 18:16:11

The so-called Free Syrian Army has asked Israeli regime to attack Syria and help them bring down the government.

According to official SANA news agency, one of the leaders of the militant al-Furqan Brigade which has been fighting against Syria as part of the Free Syrian Army has pledged that they will pave the way for Israeli forces to do “whatever they want” if they agree to enter Syria.

The al-Furqan leader who is known as Abu Ja’afar said that if Israeli forces engage in war with Syrian soldiers, his fighters will allow them to crush the army.

His comments came as the international peace efforts aimed at ending the foreign-backed insurgency in Syria are somehow faced with a deadlock due to recent stances of the Syria opposition for continuing the war.

The opposition has refused taking part in negotiations with several excuses which many believe often undermine the whole point of the efforts.

They have already asked for removal of Syrian president Bashar al-Assad who is one side of the negotiations while recently they asked for more arms to first compensate their loses at the battle ground and then start the talks.

Russia, which has been sponsoring efforts for holding the Geneva 2 conference for ending the Syria crisis, strongly criticized Opposition stances, saying that they should not be allowed to set pre-conditions for talking.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said on Tuesday that “We categorically oppose ... affirmations that the conference should become a kind of public act of capitulation by the government delegation, with the subsequent handover of power in Syria to the opposition”.

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