Confession video angers Bahrain rights groups

Confession video angers Bahrain rights groups
Fri Jun 14, 2013 18:49:23

Footage of what appears to be a forced confession torn by security forces from a protester to implicate his fellows has sparked controversy in Bahrain.

This comes as Bahraini regime has been urged to allow a visit by the UN torture envoy.

A video uploaded on YouTube shows a shirtless young man, who identifies himself as Hussain Jameel Jafer Ali Marhoon from Hamad Town, giving what appears to have been a forced confession to an unseen security officer.

In the video, Marhoon is forced to answer approximately 60 rapid-fire questions in just under three minutes. At one point in the video, when the youth is asked why he was out on the street “facing the forces,” he becomes noticeably nervous. For several seconds he shifts his gaze to the right of the room, where a sound is heard, without speaking.

When asked by the interrogator, whether he had been abused by the police, to which Marhoon responds that he had not, adding that his injuries were from an incident unrelated to his arrest.

Fears were sparked, including from a medical doctor, that Marhoon’s confession was obtained by force.

“The video is very disturbing as it seems likely that the confession was obtained through physical and/or psychological abuse,” Dr. Vincent Iacopino, MD and a Senior Advisor for Physicians for Human Rights, told BCHR.

“The detainee is naked, at least from the waist up; he appears anxious and fearful, and there is a bruise on his left shoulder that is visible when he stands up at the end of the interview.”

After the video made the internet rounds, the Ministry of Interior tweeted that it would investigate the incident and reprimand those responsible for the incident. 

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