Syrian army, on verge of Aleppo

Tue May 7, 2013 22:14:36

The Syrian army and national defense forces’ operations are still underway to clear villages in the southern countryside of Aleppo, especially the strategic areas and hills overlooking towns, al-Alam correspondent in Aleppo reports.

Further, sporadic clashes occurred in orchards and valleys in the area.


The Syrian army forces accomplished their mission in Hraibil area by targeting armed groups and shelling their hideouts, the report says.


Army forces attacked the area from several axes, and al-Alam news crew accompanied them into the valleys in which clashes were taking place.


“Having suppressed the armed groups, army forces entered al-Ma’amil district which is notoriously known to be the nest of these groups,” said Hossain Mortada, al-Alam correspondent in Aleppo.


“The aim of the military operation was to clear the region of armed groups. To this end, army’s invasive forces entered the region from several directions and regained a number of districts including Saqlaya and al-Dahabia,” Mortada added.


Al-Alam correspondent in Hraibil also reported that “after arriving to Hraibil, the Syrian army regained the area and cleared it of armed entities.”


Al-Alam correspondent reported that al-Alam news crew accompanied the Syrian army as it advanced to the area where the asphalt plant is located, clearing the plant and heading to Aleppo from the southern Rif.

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