Syrian Army clears districts in Homs, Aleppo

Syrian Army clears districts in Homs, Aleppo
Sat Apr 20, 2013 21:17:37

The Syrian army has managed to clear 4 villages in Homs outskirts and two other districts in the Aleppo city from terrorists as it carries on advancing and pursuing armed terror groups across the country.

The Syrian army forces managed to make four important and strategic villages called Qadash, al-Mansouriya, al-Asadiya, and al-Rezvaniya in the Qusayr region free of terror groups on Saturday, Al-Alam News Channel reported.

Furthermore, some parts of the large neighborhoods of Sheikh Maqsood and al-Jala’a were cleared during the Syrian army operation.

Al-Safira region and the village of al-Waha in the vicinity of the Aleppo airport were also re-captured by the Syrian army forces.

Meanwhile, a bus and 5 cars carrying terrorists were blown out in the al-Halabia roundabout in Deir al-Zour in the east of Syria and their passengers were killed.

During an operation in the Latakia countryside this morning, the Syrian army forces killed 200 armed mercenaries, most of whom were Non-Syrian nationals.

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