“Syrian opposition poses no threat to Israel”

“Syrian opposition poses no threat to Israel”
Tue Apr 30, 2013 22:02:30

The Mufti of Qatar has applauded the U.S. for supporting the armed groups in Syria, considering Washington’s worries about measures these groups may take against the Zionist regime, should the Syrian regime fall, unnecessary.

Yusuf al-Qaradawi praised the U.S for backing the armed groups who are fighting the Syrian army, security forces and people, al-Alam News Channel reported on Tuesday.


“We thank the U.S. for its $60 million of arms aid to the fighters and call for more,” said the Egyptian-born al-Qaradawi who enjoys the Qatari nationality. He is known as the spiritual father of extremist Salafists.

“The U.S. is worried about Israel, and fears that armed men go to Israel after achieving victory (in Syria) …. Where do your claims come from?” he asked.


“Why doesn’t the U.S. take action in the way it did in Libya?” al-Qaradawi further asked.


Claiming that the U.S. should defend Syrians, he emphasized, “The U.S. should resist firmly for the sake of God, goodness and truth.”


The Qatari Mufti, who was one the main backers of NATO’s attack on Libya, has repeatedly called on foreign and Western countries to interfere militarily in Syria in order to overthrow the current regime.

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